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What is the difference between an interpreter and a translator?

An interpreter normally works with spoken texts: he/she listens to a speech and tells it again in another language. He/she works in conferences, business meetings, presentations, trade fairs, etc. A translator works with written texts such as books, articles and websites. Not all interpreters also work as translators and vice versa.

I am planning a multilingual event: what kind of interpretation works best for me?

To choose the most suitable interpreting technique for your multilingual event, you need to consider many factors, such as: the number of participants, the number of languages involved, the length of the event, your budget. I will be happy to help you choose the interpreting technique that works best for your specific needs.

How many interpreters do I need for my multilingual event?

It depends. For simultaneous interpreting, you need two interpreters for each booth (for each target language), while for consecutive and liaison interpreting, one interpreter is usually enough. If you choose chuchotage, bear in mind that one interpreter cannot translate to more than 2, maximum 3 listeners.

Do you accept interpreting assignments just in the Udine area?

No. For interpreting assignments, I am available to travel outside my region. If the venue is more than 3 hours from Udine, board and lodging costs will be added to the rate.

For simultaneous interpreting services, do you provide the booth and the technical equipment?

No. You need to contact a specific agency providing this service.

I have hired you for an interpreting assignment: what can I do to help you do a good job?

To do a great job it is crucial for me to have all the necessary information to prepare for the assignment: I will need to study both the content and the terminology of the topic that will be discussed. Bear in mind that the more I know, the better service I will be able to provide. These are some of the documents that can help me prepare: the programme of the meeting, the list of speakers, ppt presentations, relevant websites, reports from past meetings, glossaries, etc.

I need a translation: how much time do you need to do it?

It depends on the topic and on the length of the text. My average daily output is 2.500 words. In the quote you will also find the deadline, that I always meet.

Do you also translate subtitles?

Yes. I have experience in translating and creating subtitles.

Do you proofread texts?

Yes. I am available to proofread texts, but just those written in my mother tongue, which is Italian.

How can I pay you?

I accept bank transfers and payments via Paypal.

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