Flawless texts with the utmost care of terminology and the nuances of language

Would you like to expand your market and to communicate across borders? I can help you communicate in the most efficient way

Translating does not simply mean “transporting” words from one language to another: it is a much more complex process that requires a deep comprehension of both the source and the target languages and cultures, an absolute precision in the terminology employed and a great command over translation tools.

Since 2009, I have been providing translating services with professionalism and dedication. I translate a wide variety of texts and my favourite CAT tools are OmegaT and Across.

Translating services offered:
translation of texts
sworn translation
translation of subtitles

I  am also available for:
proofreading in Italian

For further information about translation, transcription and proofreading services, do not hesitate to get in touch!

Portfolio translation

Would you like to have a taste of my translation skills?

To maintain the confidentiality of information about my clients, I cannot publish most of my translations. Here you can find a list of some of my translation assignments, and below you can find the links to some articles I have translated: both the source and the target texts are available on the internet.

Article translated from Slovak into Italian

I giocatori di carte di Walhalla

Article translated from Slovak into Italian

L’Italia vista dall’estero: La Grande Bellezza Slovacca

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