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Emanuela Cardetta Interpretazione
Emanuela Cardetta Interpretazione

About me

My name is Emanuela Cardetta and I’m a freelance interpreter and translator of Italian, English, French and Slovak. I hold a Master’s Degree in Conference Interpreting and have a +10 years’ experience as a linguist. My job is to help people who don’t share the same language communicate successfully.


If you run a business, or work in an association or a public institution and you are organising a multilingual event, or if you need to translate a text and you want to play it safe, look no further.

Tell me about your project and just relax: I will take care of the rest.



Smooth and effective communication in any multilingual event: from an informal videocall with a potential foreign client to a big international conference


Flawless texts with the utmost care for terminology and the nuances of language to expand your market and look professional

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