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My name is Emanuela Cardetta and I’m a freelance interpreter and translator of Italian, English, French and Slovak. My job is to help people who don’t share the same language communicate successfully. When I work, I offer to people my voice and words, which I do with great responsibility and respect for my clients.


If you are organising a multilingual event, from an informal videocall with a potential foreign client to a big international conference, or if you need to translate a text in another language, look no further.

This is how I work

I carefully listen to the needs of my clients and offer my skills and knowledge to add value and help them achieve their goals.


What I can do for you in a nutshell:

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Over the years, I've had the chance to work as a linguist in many different fields, ranging from agriculture to medicine, including architecture, automobiles and fine jewellery, but these are the realms I most often deal with.



A passion started along the way thanks to my previous job in a wine tourism association. Since then, I’ve successfully completed a training in the Italian Association of Wine Tasters (ONAV) and I’ve never stopped reading about and studying all the processes involved in winemaking, from the vineyards, all the way to the tasting. Since 2015, I’ve been writing wine reviews for the Slow Wine Italian guidebook.
Marketing and communication

Marketing and communication

I have a long experience in translating and localising marketing texts into Italian. In such assignments, I can fully express my linguistic creativity as, to effectively get the message across, it’s sometimes necessary to move away from the source text. Moreover, I regularly work as an interpreter in meetings of employees of the communication department of multinational companies.
European works councils

European works councils

A complex and diverse sector, with meetings of trade union representatives and managers of companies with branches in different European countries. In such meetings the discussions are often tense, which helped me learn how to successfully manage my role as an interpreter in conflict situations.
European projects and political organisations

European projects and political organisations

I often work as an interpreter in meetings related to projects of the European Interreg Programme about a wide array of topics, including the environment, shipyards, transports and building. Furthermore, I often work with several European political organisations of local, regional and national representatives. In such meetings it’s absolutely crucial to have a solid general knowledge and to be informed about the news of the world, which is a must-have for any interpreter and translator.
Business and finance

Business and finance

Over the last few years, I’ve had the chance to build up a solid knowledge in the field of finance and administration, thanks to quite a big number of interpreting assignments on board of directors, presentations of the budget or of financial operations to the shareholders. It’s a very technical sector requiring a lot of preparation and precision.
Notary deeds

Notary deeds

I often serve as interpreter on notary deeds, usually supporting foreign clients willing to buy a property in Italy. It’s a delicate sector, requiring the utmost care for confidentiality. The main challenge for a linguist is to help foreign clients understand the convoluted language of the Italian laws and regulations.

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Cardetta formazione certificazioni

Education and certifications

If you want to know more about my qualifications, this is a snapshot of my education

University education

  • Master’s Degree in Conference Interpreting, Advanced School of Modern Languages for Interpreters and Translators of the University of Bologna at Forlì (2010)
  • Bachelor’s Degree in Translation and Liaison Interpreting, Advanced School of Modern Languages for Interpreters and Translators of the University of Bologna at Forlì (2008)

Certifications and memberships

  • Akouo (remote simultaneous interpreting platform) certified interpreter
  • KUDO (remote simultaneous interpreting platform) certified interpreter
  • Interprefy (remote simultaneous interpreting platform) certified interpreter
  • Interactio (remote simultaneous interpreting platform) certified interpreter
  • Associate member of AITI (Italian Association of Translators and Interpreters)
  • Registered interpreter at the Chamber of Commerce of Udine
  • Registered interpreter at the Court of Udine
  • C1 certification in the Slovak languageA

Continuous professional development

  • “Introductory Workshop to InterpretBank” webinar (2024)
  • “Interpretazione e servizi linguistici per lo sport” seminar, AITI (2024)
  • “Rock Your English Retour!” webinar, AITI (2022)
  • “TerpSummit” online conference (2022)
  • “La questione (de)genere: inclusività e traduzione” webinar, AITI (2021)
  • “Innovation in Interpreting Summit” online conference (2021)
  • “La riforma del diritto contrattuale francese: punti fermi” webinar, AITI (2020)
  • “La traduzione specializzata: banca e finanza” seminar, AITI (2018)
  • “Documenti e atti nelle cancellerie d’Italia: punti fermi” seminar, AITI (2018)
  • “TRADPRO” conference (2018)
  • “WISE” interpreting workshop, Valencia (2016)
  • “Liscio o macchiato? Dal caffè verde ai metodi a filtro” seminar, AITI (2016)
  • “Ricaduta o recidiva? Trabocchetti della terminologia medica” seminar, AITI (2016)
  • “Qualità e revisione nella traduzione specializzata” seminar, AITI (2016)
  • “Dummy booth” at European Commission (simultaneous interpreting training with EU staff interpreters), DG SCIC, Brussels (2014)
  • “Understanding Europe: why it matters and what it can offer you” MOOC, HEC Paris, Coursera (2014)
  • “Il vademecum del traduttore” seminar, AITI (2014)
  • “Panoramica sui CAT Tools e sui software utili al traduttore” seminar, AITI (2014)
  • “Educazione e sostegno alla diversità e all’interculturalità”, course for graduates, IAL Udine (2011)
  • Training course “Intercultural learning in international exchange”, , EU Youth in Action Programme (2009)

Interpreter aka globetrotter

Ok, but why should you choose ME?

You might be thinking “Well, perhaps I'm not going very far with Google translate, but any interpreter or translator will be fine, they're all the same. Perhaps I'll ask an agency to sort everything out and save all the hassle”. If that is the case, these are the reasons why you should work with me, out of all the other valuable professionals out there.

Because I’m meticulous (ok, sometimes a bit too much) and I only accept assignments that I know I can carry out successfully.

Because I’lldo everything I can to make things easy for you and to provide the best solution to achieve your goals.

Because I’m going to be the only reference person for you, no middlemen, no subcontractors.

Because I like working with people, creating long-lasting professional relationships and being an ally for my clients.

Because with me you can have peace of mind: your privacy is safe.

Because I know that your time is precious, and if you ask me something, I’ll reply quickly.


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