Smooth and effective communication in multilingual events

How many times did you fail to communicate because you and the other speaker did not share the same language?
Making sure this instance no longer occurs is my job

Helping people who do not speak the same language communicate requires skills and knowledge that cannot be improvised: differently from what you might think, speaking more than one language is not enough to make you an interpreter. Actually, many other skills are involved. An interpreter also needs to have excellent command of the interpreting techniques, solid general culture and a very good knowledge of the terminology pertaining to the field of each assignment. In addition, an interpreter needs to be able to tackle professionally the many unexpected situations that might occur during an assignment.

Since 2009, I have been providing interpreting services with professionalism and dedication during conferences, negotiations, presentations, trade fairs and many other multilingual events. If you are planning a multilingual event and require interpreting services, I can help you.

Interpreting services offered:

Simultaneous interpreting

The interpreter sits in a booth and translates simultaneously

Consecutive interpreting

The interpreter takes notes of the speech and translates it

Chuchotage (whispered)

Similar to simultaneous but for a smaller audience

Liaison interpreting (for negotiations)

The interpreter translates a dialogue sentence by sentence

Portfolio interpreting

Would you like to have a taste of my interpreting skills?

To maintain the confidentiality of the information shared by my clients during interpreting assignments, I cannot record and publish audio or video files with my interpretation from real conferences or other events in which I have worked.

This is a list of some of my interpreting assignments, but if you want to have an idea of how I work or if you are just curious about my voice, here you can find short samples of speeches and renditions into Italian: each audio file contains a recording from a speech available on the internet, followed by my simultaneous interpretation of that text into Italian.

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